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"Read for live in thousand worlds"...

Books and Music *-*

Can’t go back video *.* 
Teen wolf season 4 :D

Can’t go back video *.* 

Teen wolf season 4 :D

"You want me to say he made me get naked and stand in front of him? He came up behind me. Pushed himself against me. Put his hands all over me. He slammed my head down and bent me over a table. Rape me? No. No. Do you feel better? Either I take off my shirt or he would take off your hand. I just listened to Merle beating the shit out of you in the other room. What could I do?”

Maggie and Glenn 

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no matter where I sleep, you are haunting me


I’ve never related more to someone in my whole life.

WATSON ! ♥-♥ 

No a place for a girl on fire

bellamy/clarke per episode: 1x07 → contents under pressure

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Beautiful Watson!!! *-  *

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Whatever to happens tonight YOU ARE THE QUEEN! :3 

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Al diablo con la falsa modestia! ;) 
ah carrie :C ><

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Destroy it ! 

omg charlotte :3